Marahau Wāhine Retreat

Marahau Wāhine Retreat – Welcome the Light, Nurture & Ignite

The Barn, Marahau

Nov Fri 19th, 6pm – Sun 21st, 12pm

A wild weekend of welcoming wāhine home to your bodies. As daylight grows and spring starts to flow into summertime vibes we gather under the stars. Join us in retreat as we support you in returning to the wants, desires and dreams of your wild wāhine nature. Through the cultivation of creativity, collaboration and conscious movement we intend to celebrate what has been and nurture what is brewing in your dreams. Our intention is to create a safe place for you to release in rememberance of your wild wāhine, enhance the possibility and potential that permeates within. Join us for a nourishing weekend, to welcome the light and FEEL each delight!

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