About Wild Lotus

West Coast Wahine

Pristine beaches, towering cliffs & dense New Zealand bush. This is where the Wild Lotus first blossomed.

Four West Coast wahine, joined together as kindred spirits. All with a similar vision — to experience connection. Connection with our community, with each other and within ourselves. Wild Lotus was birthed through our immense passion for cultivating the change we wish to experience in this world. 

Wild Lotus experience gently welcomes you back to your innate senses. It is a place where you can reconnect with your mind, body and soul. We facilitate this experience from the open arms of Papatūānuku and  within the walls of our Lotus Belle Tent. 

Hannah Green

Yoga instructor, Creative Movement Facilitator,
Intuitive Massage Therapist

Growing up on the West Coast ignited Hannah's passion for adventure. Hannah thrived off sharing her excitment for the natural world, working for 10 years in the tourism and guiding industry. She now strives to empower her community by weaving her passion for nature with her knowledge of health and wellness. Owning her own yoga studio and co-owning A Wild Peace wellness centre in Westport, Hannah offers a combination of modalities inside Wild Lotus Retreats. Hannah facilitates embodiment practices by using dance, yoga, breath, meditation and intuitive massage therapy. Through her work she encourages the growth and relationship with self awareness, inviting her students home to their own mind, body connection. Seeing wellness as a multi dimensional facet has lead Hannah on a holistic journey of her own wellbeing and now sharing that with the world she sees invaluable.

Astiana Trouland

Hauora Coach, Breath Coach, Cold Water Therapy Guide, Movement Facilitator

Astiana is a health & wellbeing coach from the untamed WILD West Coast of the South Island. She support’s this generation who are ready to make lasting change to consciously create a reality that they so desire. A focal point of Asti’s mahi is providing everybody the opportunity to learn through direct experience and reflection. As the founder of Haoura Coaching she envisions a world where everyone has the tools to manage stress and improve their own life. The passion that resides within her heart is connected to bringing a human aspect to learning, business and being by setting out to help individuals increase their awareness to support, recognise and take action on what they see, feel and experience.Within the Wild Lotus space Asti offers meditation, breath work, conscious movement, adventure and cold therapy practices which are intended to ensure we each find pleasure + play within every single day.

Sierra Jones

Nature Guide, Art Facilitator, Mindfulness Journal Guide,
Admin Support

Sierra Jones is our admin and marketing guru. She has a background as a Ranger for the National Park Service and the Department of Conservation, but also as a web designer + branding expert at Wild Coast Creative. Originally from Colorado, U.S.A., she grew up exploring the rugged landscapes of the Rocky Mountains which forever instilled a deep connection with the natural world. She now calls Westport NZ home, where she spends her time tramping, exploring new regions, or watching an epic west coast sunset. Her passion for Wild Lotus comes from the experiences of meeting new people, traveling the beautiful Aoeteroa, and connecting with the wild wahine of Wild Lotus.

Hilary Peal

Nature and Sensory Guide, Adventure/Eco Therapy,
Intuitive Massage Therapist

Hilary is currently settled in Westport where she has developed a special connection to the West Coast through spending time in the surf and exploring it's wild surroundings. Hilary is a NZ registered Primary School Teacher with over 10 years experience. After specialising in the study of Steiner Education she became interested in holistic therapies. In recent years she has trained in Holistic/Intuitive Massage and has pursued her love for the outdoors by working as a Ranger in Kahurangi and Paparoa National Park. Having experienced the various health benefits of time in nature and holistic body work, Hilary has been inspired to combine her experiences and passions to provide Relaxation Massage and Adventure/Nature Therapy for Wild Lotus. She feels fortunate to have crossed paths with 3 like-minded Wahine who all share the same vision of supporting children and adults to experience authentic connection through a variety of holistic offerings.